Protecting people and the environment

Protecting people and the environment is a top priority for the CNSC. Our regulations ensure that the environmental effects of nuclear projects and facilities are considered at every phase of their lifecycle.

Understanding the effects of nuclear projects

Environmental assessments

All CNSC environmental assessments under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA)

Environmental protection reviews

Technical assessments of environmental protections at nuclear facilities

Registry projects

CNSC projects posted on the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry

How assessments work

Process for assessing environmental impacts of nuclear projects

Get involved

How to participate in environmental protection activities

Generic Guidelines for the Preparation of an Environmental Impact Statement

Requirements for the preparation of an environmental impact statement


Publication: Blind River Refinery Environmental Protection Review

Read our assessment of environmental protections in place at the Blind River Refinery.

Project news: Near Surface Disposal Facility                        

Learn more about our work on this proposed project.

Have your say: Consultation on environmental protection reviews

Share your thoughts about our new approach to these reports.

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